Infants with Heart Defects Can Now Remain Home

December 15, 2021

Sheba Medical Center launches remote monitoring program for children

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center and the Heart Institute at Safra Children’s Hospital have partnered to launch a programme for children with complex heart defects.

The program will use remote monitoring technology provided by Datos Health, a member of Sheba’s Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate (ARC) telemedicine hub. This technology integrates sensors and other inputs to transmit data from infants’ vital signs to the care team, enabling clinicians to intervene at the first signs of a potential risk.

Iris Shtein, co-director of the telemedicine Hub at ARC, said: “The connected platform developed by the Datos team, supported by ARC, enables Sheba clinicians to maintain transparency on their young, vulnerable patients between hospital visits, enabling more proactive care, and providing a sense of control to parents at such a crucial time.”

Published December 3, 2021 HealthcareITNews

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