Sheba Medical Center works to save lives and advance healthcare in Israel & around the world

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Ukraine Needs Your Support

As we watch the terrible events in Ukraine unfold, Israel was one of the first countries in the world to offer humanitarian aid. And when Israel offers medical aid in any humanitarian disaster, that almost always means Sheba Medical Center.

Please consider giving today to the Sheba Fund for Ukrainian Relief to help Sheba extend their lifesaving work and supplies to those harmed in this war.

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Sheba Treating Palestinian Patients

Contrary to popular belief, the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer treats Palestinian patients, and does so with exceptional care.

‘All the people that I know gets the treatment from Israel, they say that is better because the doctors here are good,’ says the mother of Fatima, a young Palestinian girl.

Operation Shining Star: Sheba’s Field Hospital in Ukraine

When Israel offers medical aid in any humanitarian disaster, that almost always means Sheba Medical Center.

Learn about the impact of Operation Shining Star: Sheba Medical Center’s humanitarian mission to Ukraine. Over the course of six weeks, the operation established a fully functional field hospital on the ground where they treated thousands of patients.

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The world’s hospitals have been the front line in medicine’s constantly evolving war against COVID-19 for two years now. According to the experts who helped guide the results of our […]

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Our Work Focuses On Six Key Principles

Centrality in Israel

Sheba is the largest hospital in the Middle East.

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Humanitarian Missions

Humanitarian aid has been a part of Sheba’s mission since it’s founding.

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Fostering Coexistence

Sheba fosters peace through medicine.

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Tech Innovation

Sheba is a world leader in medical technology.

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Supporting the IDF

Sheba proudly cares for Israel’s soldiers.

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Partnering with the US

Together we save lives in Israel and worldwide.

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Together we save lives in Israel and worldwide

At Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer, science meets miracles.

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