IDF and Ministry of Health: Sheba is Israel's Central Medical Response to the War

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Help Sheba Respond to Operation Iron Swords


Sheba Medical Center staff are working around the clock to treat and rehabilitate the wounded, and are prepared to meet any medical needs that arise.

As the situation intensifies with the launch of operation “Iron Swords,” Sheba Medical Center is fully mobilized, deploying our dedicated staff to provide urgent medical care for casualties.

It is very difficult to watch from a distance — but we can help Sheba to help Israel.

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Two female Sheba employees, one wearing a hijab, work together

Our Work Focuses On Six Key Principles

Centrality in Israel

Sheba is the largest hospital in the Middle East.

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Humanitarian Missions

Humanitarian aid has been a part of Sheba’s mission since it’s founding.

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Fostering Coexistence

Sheba fosters peace through medicine.

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Tech Innovation

Sheba is a world leader in medical technology.

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Supporting the IDF

Sheba proudly cares for Israel’s soldiers.

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Partnering with the US

Together we save lives in Israel and worldwide.

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Together we save lives in Israel and worldwide

At Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer, science meets miracles.

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