Missions to Israel

As the people of Israel continue to need support, join us in one of our upcoming missions.

Upcoming Missions

There are multiple opportunities to bear witness and make a positive impact on Israel during this incredibly challenging time.

American Friends of Sheba Medical Center will be hosting missions throughout the next few months, where you have the chance to volunteer, visit with the wounded, and hear from Sheba and government leaders.

These missions will involve walking tours, walking on uneven ground and moderate physical exertion. If you are uncertain about your ability to fully participate, please email Jessica Ben Nun at to discuss in further detail.

Summer Mission: Serve and Revitalize

May 29 – June 4, 2024

Join us to forge connections, drive progress, and revitalize Israel’s future through the healing power of innovation. Participate in this extraordinary journey and leave a lasting mark on the landscape of health, medicine, technology, and innovation in Israel and beyond.

This full week mission includes opportunities to see how Sheba is meeting the mental and physical rehabilitation needs of Israelis, volunteer on service projects, hear up to the minute analysis of Israel’s strategic situation, and dine privately with Sheba leadership.

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