Doctors performing surgery

Our Work

Our job is to support the Sheba Medical Center’s incredible work, day in and day out.

Come Rain or Shine

365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the doctors, nurses, therapists, researchers, support staff, and a host of other professionals of Sheba Medical Center are hard at work.

It is their hands, their hearts, their genius, and their love that make Sheba the special place it is and allows for so much compassionate healing, caring and innovation.

As Americans, we are not only thousands of miles away, but even the medical professionals among us cannot do the work of the Sheba staff. But we can help raise them up and be their arms, ears, eyes, voices, and supporters, even from a great distance.

How We Can Help

  • We can donate or help raise the funds that enable and generate all those accomplishments. That’s job #1.
  • We can help friends, family and colleagues know about the amazing accomplishments of Sheba.
  • We can post Sheba content to our own social media.
  • We can arrange events in our homes, places of worship, and other locations to hold Friends of Sheba events.
  • We can foster connections between US healthcare organizations, foundations and companies with Sheba.

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