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American Friends of Sheba Medical Center, Tel HaShomer (AFSMC) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Sheba Medical Center in Israel.

Sheba Medical Center is the largest hospital in Israel and the entire Middle East.

Named one of the 10 Best Hospitals in the World by Newsweek Magazine, Sheba Medical Center delivers global impact and fosters peace through medicine.

American Friends of Sheba Medical Center

AFSMC raises awareness and philanthropic support, across the U.S., for Sheba Medical Center’s compassionate clinical care, comprehensive educational training, cutting edge research and innovation for the advancement of medicine.


Personal Care

Each and every patient receives unparalleled, compassionate medical attention that takes their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs into account.

Sheba Medical Center’s Global Reach

Researchers are tirelessly dedicated to discovering revolutionary advances in treatment protocols and disease prevention that are exported across the globe. Sheba is and will continue to be a world leader in medical technology applications and devices.

Sheba operates as a hospital without borders, with an unwavering dedication to treat all patients, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality or identity. Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Druze patients all travel to Sheba from across the Middle East.

Because of Sheba’s commitment to treating every patient equally, and because of Sheba’s all-inclusive medical philosophy, Eleanor Roosevelt dubbed Sheba the “House of Humanitarian Endeavor.”

The hospital fosters peace through medicine by sending its doctors across the world to bring care to those in desperate need. Sheba’s medical experts have traveled far and wide to administer aid, deliver support and train locals, including to places like Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Cambodia, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Mozambique, Peru, Russia, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Zambia and more.

And from its start as a military hospital in 1948, Sheba steadfastly and passionately cares for Israel’s soldiers.

Sheba Medical Center Highlights


Leading the Way

From humble beginnings, Sheba has emerged as a trailblazing global leader in medicine. Sheba continues to surge forward into the future – saving more lives, discovering new cures and bringing hope to the world.

Together, Sheba Medical Center and the State of Israel have flourished, developing into powerful beacons of resilience and hope.

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Serving the State of Israel since 1948.

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