Supporting the IDF

IDF soldiers keep Israel safe. Sheba Medical Center keeps IDF soldiers healthy and rehabilitated.

Sheba is tightly integrated with the Israel Defense Forces.

Even the Director General of Sheba Medical Center, Itzik Kreiss, is a former Surgeon General and Chief Medical Officer of the IDF.

Sheba is the location for Israel’s National Center for the Rehabilitation of Injured Soldiers and at any given time there are numerous IDF soldiers there for rehab, prosthetics, and physical therapy.

Soldiers Heal with Sheba

In active conflict or peacetime training accidents, almost all injured soldiers from north of Tel Aviv down to Eilat are helicoptered to Sheba Medical Center for treatment.

For those with more serious injuries, when rehabilitation is needed that happens at Sheba.


Sheba is also a place where future IDF doctors, nurses and paramedics are trained. Innovative “Military Medicine” courses, run through Sheba’s Israel Center for Medical Simulation (MSR), offer specialized training programs for the IDF’s military medical units.

Through these high-tech simulation-based courses, the IDF’s medical teams are able to improve their communication capabilities in challenging, high-pressure situations.

As recent years have taught us so well, injuries are not always physical.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related challenges are as serious a problem in Israel as anywhere in the world. A joint project between Sheba Medical Center and Israel’s Ministry of Defense, Sadnat Gal is a rehabilitation program designed to help IDF veterans readjust to life as civilians.

The workshop offers a supportive framework for former soldiers whose past trauma remains with them in the present day, and provides them with the emotional tools and skills they need to handle the challenges of everyday life.

Around 140 veterans attend Sadnat Gal on a daily basis.

Sheba Hosts Chef Assaf Granit

During Operation Iron Swords, Sheba Medical Center partnered with AFSMC to host renowned Chef Assaf Granit to lift the spirits of the IDF soldiers and recovering at the medical center to help heal the body as well as the soul.

In challenging times, your support for Sheba Medical Center is a beacon of hope. As Israel’s national medical center, Sheba plays a crucial role in Operation Iron Swords, offering lifesaving care amidst crises. Learn more about Sheba’s critical efforts in healing IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians both physically and mentally.

Help IDF soldiers keep Israel safe.

We have no more sacred duty than taking care of those wounded in conflict, whether in body, mind or spirit.

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