Centrality in Israel

Sheba Medical Center is essential to Israel’s healthcare system, and touches almost 20% of Israelis in the course of each year.

Sheba Medical Center Dominates in Size and Stats

Not only is Sheba the largest Medical Center in Israel, it is also the largest in the entire Middle East.

Measured at six million sq. ft., Sheba is one of the largest hospitals in the world, outside of a few hospitals in China and Mayo Clinic in the US. In addition to sheer size, for three years running Sheba has been ranked in the top ten hospitals in the world.

Housing 2,000 beds, the Medical Center spans over a whole campus, with the four different hospitals.

  • Acute Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Maternity Hospital

On the campus there are 10,000 professionals, including 1,700 doctors, over 200 Ph.D.’s and 3,200 researchers, technicians, and lab workers.

25% of all medical research in Israel takes place at Sheba and over 3,300 clinical trials are run there each year. Sheba is the main teaching center for the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

Component 23 – 1

1,600,000 Clinical Visits Per Year

Component 26 – 1

1,700+ Doctors

Component 25 – 1

3,300 Clinical Trials Per Year

Component 24 – 1

10,000 Healthcare Professionals

Sheba is essential to Israel’s entire health care system.

The Prime Minister put Sheba in charge of Israel’s national response to COVID-19, which won admiration around the world, and despite challenges, is still looked to as a model. Sheba is where Israel’s Prime Ministers and Presidents came to get their own vaccinations.


Accelerate. Redesign. Collaborate.

Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center is quickly become one of the most important drivers of medical technology and health care innovation in Israel and world-wide.

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What Distinguishes Sheba

Sheba Medical Center is one of only two medical centers in Israel with US Department of Health federal wide assurance designation — a classification which makes Sheba eligible for US federal research grants involving human clinical trials.

Sheba is the only hospital in Israel where someone can get sex reassignment surgery and Israel’s national Gender Reassignment Board is headquartered at the medical center as well.

Sheba maintains many of Israel’s National Centers, including:

  • Israel’s National Center for Rehabilitation of Injured Soldiers
  • Israel’s National Center for Health Policy and Epidemiology Research (equivalent to the U.S. National Institutes of Health)
  • The National Blood Bank and Cord Blood Bank
  • The Middle East Pediatric Congenital Heart Center
  • The Israel Center for Newborn Screening (screens ALL Israeli newborns for genetic issues)
  • The National Center for Rehabilitation, including victims of terror and Israel Defense Forces wounded
  • The National Center for Medical Simulation

Support Sheba and Israel

The Israel medical ecosystem is unimaginable without Sheba, and supporting the Medical Center is a powerful way to engage with and support Israel.

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