An outside view of a Sheba medical center building

Our History

Supporting the Sheba Medical Center for over 50 years.

Saving Lives Since 1948

Army Hospital No.5 is what remained following the British withdrawal from Israel in 1948. Its first patients were members of the Israel Defense Forces and civilians wounded during the War of Independence.

Professor Chaim Sheba, who at the time was the General Surgeon of the Israeli army took over the management of the hospital from the beginning and stayed with it until his death in 1971.

Sheba Medical Center is Born

In 1971, the name of the hospital was changed to the “Chaim Sheba Medical Center” in tribute to the great physician who founded it.


American Friends of Sheba Medical Center

In the early 1970’s two US support organizations were formed to provide funding for the work of Sheba Medical Center — one in New York, and one in Los Angeles.

Two separate and independent 501(c)3 groups that successfully raised funds, mostly locally, for the Medical Center.

Starting in 2018, Sheba Medical Center Director General Itzik Kreiss wanted to increase Sheba’s visibility and resource development in America. The leadership of the two respective US organizations were encouraged to merge into one new, national American entity.

Coming Together

A lengthy merger process then began, resulting in successful realization of this vision. Keeping the name of the New York organization and the IRS tax ID and corporate structure of the LA organization, one unified organization was launched on January 1, 2021: The American Friends of Sheba Medical Center.

Today, that organization has offices in NY, LA, Florida, Texas and Illinois.

New branding, digital initiatives and fundraising have been launched. Despite the Covid pandemic, the funds raised by the new organization in 2021 exceeded the total raised by the two separate organizations in 2020.

There is Still Much Work To Do

Sheba has limited presence in most of the US and very little name recognition, even among those knowledgeable about Israel.

However, with a new national Board of Directors and new reasons for pride in Sheba emerging almost daily, there are exciting and dynamic days ahead.

The global pandemic has sharpened focus on a number of issues:

  • The realization that every person on the planet is connected biologically.
  • The risks and fragility of public health.
  • The critical importance of healthcare innovation and excellence.

Both among the largest and top ten medical centers in the world, Sheba Medical Center’s work will be essential to the health and futures of people across the planet.

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