Partnering with the United States

The US-Israel partnership is one that has generated tremendous benefits for both countries.

Sheba Medical Center and the United States of America

Israel and the United States partner in many areas, medical being no exception. Because of its size and scope, Sheba Medical Center is at the center of that partnership.

In fact, the US Army built the first buildings that would eventually become Sheba, during WWII in anticipation of casualties from a North African campaign that did not take place.

At any given time more than 30 Sheba physicians are conducting work, research, and study across the US. Across the United States, Sheba operates in a wide range of fields from genetics to oncology.

From Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to MD Anderson in Texas, Sheba physicians spend time in the US fostering the exchange of ideas, treatments, and experiences between the US and Israel, improving the healthcare in both countries.

Fast Facts

  • Sheba Medical Center is one of only two medical centers in Israel with US Department of Health “Federal-wide Assurance” designation – a classification that makes Sheba eligible for US federal research grants involving human clinical trials.
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, Sheba signed an “emergency agreement” with the US National Institutes of Health to partner on addressing the crisis, and data from Israel has been extremely helpful to the US response. Since then they have created the Sheba Pandemic Research Institute (SPRI) in partnership with the NIH to develop a pan corona vaccine.
  • Dozens of US hospitals and Medical Centers have signed formal agreements as well as made informal agreements with Sheba as a foundation for strong and deep cooperation. These include hospitals from Jefferson Medical Center in Philadelphia to Tampa General in Florida to Santa Monica Hospital in Los Angeles.
  • Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center creates technologies that enter the US healthcare system as well as partnership with US manufacturers and innovators.
  • SciTech City in Jersey City, NJ has signed an agreement with Sheba’s ARC to build a health tech incubator that is expected to generate important jobs and technology.
  • Sheba and researchers at West Virginia University have received FDA approval for a pioneering approach to Alzheimer’s treatment using ultrasound. This is just one of many similar cooperative projects.

Mayo Clinic and Sheba Medical Center sign agreement to accelerate health technology growth

Mayo Clinic and Sheba Medical Center have signed an agreement that will make it easier to share health technology and support early stage startup companies.

This collaboration will create an environment that enables rapid product development in the U.S. and Israeli markets, allowing technologies to be established and launched to transform health care delivery for all.

“This agreement gives Mayo Clinic and Sheba a first look into technologies that can transform patient care globally,” says John Halamka, M.D., president of Mayo Clinic Platform.

A Lasting Partnership

The US-Israel partnership is one that has generated tremendous benefits for both countries.

The Covid pandemic brought many lessons, including a renewed focus on health, a deeper understanding of how tightly knit the planet is biologically, and most important, the value and impact of health communication, cooperation and partnership.

Interested in receiving treatment from Sheba Medical Center?

Sheba Medical Center’s Medical Tourism Division provides world class medicine with a personal touch to patients from across the globe. These patients receive the same attentive care and advanced therapies that are available to domestic patients through Sheba’s many clinics and acute care facilities.

Israel is a highly popular medical tourism destination. Each year our Medical Tourism Division treats thousands of patients hailing from around the world, including from Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, the United States, and Nigeria. At Sheba Medical Center, everyone is welcome!

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Sheba Launches Digital Health Partnership with SciTech City in New Jersey

Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer signed a memorandum of understanding with Liberty Science Center (LSC) and broke new ground on Friday in New Jersey to develop a cutting-edge high-tech hospital simulation space called “SciTech Scity” that is designed to highlight the future of digital health and home healthcare.

“COVID gave us the opportunity to accelerate innovation and especially digital health solutions,” said Sheba’s CEO, Prof. Yitshak Kreiss. “We have much more in store.”

Phase I of SciTech Scity is scheduled to open in late 2023 or early 2024.

The “city of tomorrow” will be a full campus focused on developing world-changing science and technology companies and Sheba is the city’s first innovation partner and international tenant.

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As Sheba continues to be there for the health of Israel and Israelis, Sheba’s lessons and talents will be there for America and Americans.

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