Fauda Star Treated at Sheba

January 12, 2024

The television show “Fauda” is not only a reflection of Israel’s security situation, but also a thread in the Israeli fabric. So of course, the cast and crew of Fauda have gone to war, along with so many other Israelis.

Tragically, Master Sgt. Matan Meir, 38, a soldier in the 551st Brigade’s 697th Battalion and a longtime member of the “Fauda” production team, was killed November 11 in northern Gaza.

Series star Tsahi Halevy also went into uniform in Gaza. Fauda co-creators Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz went into Gaza as civilians.

This week star actor Idan Amedi was seriously wounded and flown from Gaza to Sheba Hospital for treatment.

According to the Jerusalem Post, about an hour before Amadi was injured, N12 reporter Nitzan Shapira spoke to him in Gaza. “I’m fine, a little tired,” he said.

Asked about what he was doing, he said, “What was built here is crazy, crazy,” referring to the tunnels. He said that he and his fellow soldiers had been busy destroying the tunnels and had discovered many weapons in the sophisticated underground network. Asked if he had a message for viewers at home, he said, “Am Yisrael Chai! We are working hard here for everyone’s safety, and we love you.” Downplaying his celebrity, he said, “There are so many forces here, it’s sort of weird that you grabbed me in particular.”

Fauda star, Idan Amedi, is one of the wounded soldiers in Gaza.

Amedi went to fight in Gaza as a reservist in the early days of the war. He documented moments from his service on his Instagram account, posting in November: “This is not a scene from ‘Fauda’, this is real life,” in a video recorded ahead of an operation, adding that he and his fellow soldiers were motivated by their concern for the victims of Hamas’s October 7 massacre.

He was serving in the Combat Engineering Corps and was injured in an incident in central Gaza’s al-Bureij refugee camp, in which six other reservists, all combat engineers, were killed, reportedly when explosives intended for demolishing a tunnel detonated prematurely as a result of an Israeli tank shell.

Amedi was brought to Sheba at about 4pm on Monday and underwent urgent, serious and lengthy surgery, according to Hebrew media. Media reports Tuesday said Amedi had regained consciousness and was responsive, with his condition listed as moderate. Avi Issacharoff tweeted that “on such a terrible day, there is a drop of light: Idan has woken up and is responding and his condition is defined as moderate.”

After he regained consciousness, he was visited by National Unity Member of Knesset Chili Tropper. Through the MK, he sent two messages to share with the public: the first “to send thanks to all those who were concerned and sent love.” The second, Tropper wrote on Instagram, “In the words of Amedi: ‘Forget me, I’ll be OK. What’s important is that we stay strong together.’”

We know he is getting the best of care at Sheba Medical Center and he says he plans to rejoin his unit in Gaza.

Wishing a speedy recovery to Idan Amedi, and all those injured in this conflict.

Am Yisrael Chai.


PS: Next week we are sending another sold-out mission to Israel to volunteer at Sheba, help on a farm, meet hostage families and more. If you want to join us, we are sending another mission February 18-22. More information here.

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