Amichai Shindler & Family Celebrate His Miraculous Recovery

February 19, 2024

Thousands of people came to the Western Wall (Kotel) last Thursday evening offering prayers of thanks, as they celebrated the miraculous recovery of Amichai Shindler, who survived near fatal injuries, while protecting his family from invading Hamas terrorists on October 7 in Kibbutz Kerem Shalom.

On that fateful day, the terrorists who failed to open the safe room door, placed an explosive device next to the door. Upon detonation, Shindler, who was holding the door closed from the inside to protect his wife and children, absorbed the entire force of the blast. The results were catastrophic as his right forearm was blown off, along with three fingers and two half-fingers on his left hand. His left arm was badly broken, and his face and jaw were crushed. He waited nearly four hours before help arrived.

Whisked to Sheba Medical Center, Amichai’s life hung in the balance as the hospital worked feverishly to repair the horrific damage. Slowly but surely, Amichai began to recover, eventually moving from the Burn Center ICU to the Rehabilitation Hospital, where he continues to receive a myriad of treatments in order to return to a normal life with his loving wife, children and parents, who never left his bedside during his terrible physical and emotional ordeal.

After the prayer ceremony at the Western Wall, Amichai and his wife welcomed hundreds of guests, which include numerous dignitaries and rabbinical luminaries at a festive dinner held at Yeshivat Hakotel in Jerusalem.

To see Amichai standing on his own two feet, dancing and celebrating with family and friends brought tears to those in attendance.

As Sheba continues to offer Amichai and his loving family on-going physical and emotional support, we are humbled by their modesty and wish them nothing but health and happiness.

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