The Story of Dr. Levy and First Lieutenant Shilo Segev

May 24, 2024

Dr. Liran Levy is one of Sheba’s star physicians. The head of the Sheba’s Lung Transplant Department, he is a world-renowned expert in the field of lung transplant who has won awards for his ground-breaking work.

Despite having aged out of compulsory military service, and with four children under 18, he volunteered to go serve in Gaza.

Dr. Levy was assigned to the Geffen unit, which is composed of cadets in the IDF’s Officers’ Course. These are the cream of the cream of the IDF, slated to be future leaders of Israel’s military. On Oct. 7, all the cadets were pulled out of training and sent straight to Gaza.

Dr. Levy needed a cellphone to remain in contact with Sheba, the only one in the unit allowed. So, he became the communications link with the soldiers’ parents, and involved in their families, to a much greater depth than the normal physician-patient relationship. With a group of men just older than his own kids, he lived with them—fighting, eating, sleeping, bathing.

Shilo Segev was among the soldiers in the unit. Shilo’s job was to carry a heavy machine gun and lead the soldiers in combat situations. The day before the Geffen unit was due to leave Gaza, they were going to set up an ambush. But they encountered an unexpected nest of twelve terrorists and over the radio came the news – one soldier down, two soldiers down, three soldiers down. For the first time since entering Gaza a month before, Dr. Levy regretted the decision, knowing he was facing bringing bad news to many parents.

He was ordered into the field of fire to rescue those down. And in the darkness, amidst the bullets and explosions, he found Shilo, one he was closest to. Badly wounded, drenched in blood, eyes wide in pain and shock. In an instant Dr. Levy imagined the loss of Shilo and having to face his parents. Shilo was weighed down by all his equipment and machine gun and Dr. Levy was weighed with his own huge medical pack. While the bullets whizzed all around him Dr. Levy summoned all his strength to drag the heavy soldier out of harm’s way until they could be rescued, and begin to treat him.
He saved his life.

Shilo was helicoptered to Sheba, Dr. Levy’s home base, where his treatment and his long journey of hospitalization began. Dr. Levy of course visited him in the hospital.

Today they are bonded as surrogate father and son. Dr. Levy attended Shilo’s graduation from his officer’s course as a First Lieutenant.

As Dr. Levy was there to save Shilo’s life in Gaza, he will remain as protector and friend.

Lt. Segev’s future plans? Lt. Segev plans to continue his IDF career. And Dr. Levy is about to reenter Gaza on Sunday for another tour.

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