Author: Brian Abrahams

Saar Asked His Doctors for One Thing

July 12, 2024

Saar Hurvitz is a 22-year-old from a close-knit family from Kochav Michael. In the IDF his job is Merkava tank gunner, and his base, Tapuzina, next to Kibbutz Hanita, is […]

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Almog is Back on His Feet!

July 5, 2024

Almog Tzadok’s family moved from Israel to New Jersey when he was in highschool. But he was always determined to serve in the IDF, even if that meant as a […]

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When Water has the Power to Heal

June 28, 2024

Nothing could be further from the horrors and damage of war than healing waters. But those waters are a big part of how Sheba brings the wounded “Back to Life.” […]

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Amal Was Ready for the Hostages

June 21, 2024

Amal Kabha was the shift manager in Sheba’s ER on Saturday June 8 when the alert came in of an incoming helicopter with wounded. Amal is one of the 25% […]

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Why Ellay is a Superwoman

June 14, 2024

Kfar Aza, a kibbutz adjacent to northern Gaza, was one of the major targets of the Hamas terrorist invasion. Over 10% of the 765 residents were murdered or taken hostage. […]

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For Shoval, It Was Seconds and Inches

June 7, 2024

Like the story of so many soldiers in Sheba’s “Returning to Life” Department, Shoval Kabir’s story includes both heroism and the luck of split seconds and inches. On October 7th […]

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Dor Gave Kfir the Gifts of Breath and Life

May 31, 2024

On April 18th, fourteen IDF soldiers and four civilians were wounded in a Hezbollah drone and anti-tank missile attack on Arab al-Aramshe, a Bedouin village in the Western Galilee south […]

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The Story of Dr. Levy and First Lieutenant Shilo Segev

May 24, 2024

Dr. Liran Levy is one of Sheba’s star physicians. The head of the Sheba’s Lung Transplant Department, he is a world-renowned expert in the field of lung transplant who has […]

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Sheba is Headed to the Negev!

May 10, 2024

David Ben Gurion, who had the vision to found Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center, saw the Negev as the future of Israel. However, the region was slow to develop, compared […]

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When Radical Innovation Heals a Soldier

May 3, 2024

Since its founding by David Ben Gurion in 1948, Sheba Medical Center has been a leader in using technology to heal. But sometimes it seems as if science fiction has […]

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