Mission to Israel

Join us to forge connections, drive progress, and revitalize Israel’s future through the healing power of innovation. Participate in this extraordinary journey and leave a lasting mark on the landscape of health, medicine, technology, and innovation in Israel and beyond.

Discover the Healing Power of Giving

May 29 – June 4, 2024

This full week of seeing, meeting, tasting and experiencing Israel will include:

  • 5-Star Hotels
  • Experience innovation at the ARC Summit
  • Private dinner with Sheba Director-General Yitzhak Kreiss
  • Meeting the senior leadership implementing the historic Abraham Accords
  • Discover the latest experiments of the Israeli space program

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  • Experiences on the Sheba campus testing the latest in MedTech at the ARC Summit
  • From Ancient to Modern: Jerusalem Unpacked
    • Understanding the Jewish Discourse on Peace
    • The Historic Nucleus: Excavations in the City of David
    • Four Quarters, Three Religions, One God
    • Shuk & Cook at Machne Yehuda Market
  • From Memory to Renewal
    • Remembering the Holocaust
    • Cuisine in Ein Kerem
    • Quest for Peace
  • Shabbat at the Kotel and Dinner with IDF Lone Soldiers
  • Parties: Politics and Cuisine
    • Knesset Visit: Understand Israeli Politics with a veteran journalist
    • Into the Israeli Terroir: Wine and Cheese in the Jerusalem Mountains
  • Tel Aviv: Old and New
    • Amplified Innovation
    • Independence Hall and Rothschild Boulevard: Bauhaus buildings to the building of a country
  • Share a private dinner with Sheba Director-General Yitzhak Kreiss
  • Meet the Nexus Program’s doctors during a TED Talks session
  • My Bayit is Your House: An evening at home with Sheba’s leading department heads and physicians
  • Meet senior leadership implementing the historic Abraham Accords
  • Q&A sessions with authors, journalists, and influencers
  • Interact with members of the Israeli space program and learn about the medical experiments Sheba launched into space
  • Celebrate together with thousands of Sheba’s supporters and staff at the International Gala

Trip Pricing

Land Portion — $3,000 / participant

  • Includes five-star hotels and transportation
  • Individual transfers to/from airport, most meals,
  • Tickets to the International Gala
  • Entrance to the ARC Summit
  • and more!

This mission is intended for Sheba’s donors who generously contribute $5,000 per person or more in 2024.

There is an option to stay for the duration of the ARC Summit on June 4-6 for a minimal fee.

Join AFSMC in bringing love, volunteerism and a helping hand to the people of Israel.

"I've learned that what you're doing here [in Israel] can really impact healthcare in other countries."

- Mr. Jeff Aronson

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