Mission to Israel

Sheba Medical Center and the State of Israel were born together in 1948, and will celebrate their 75th anniversary in 2023.

The land portion of the mission (including accommodations, the International Gala, transportation within Israel, and most meals) is at no cost to Sheba donors of $5000 and above in 2023

Celebrating 75 Years of Sheba & Statehood

May 28 – June 5, 2023

Join Sheba supporters from around the world May 28th through June 5th, 2023 as this global mission joyously celebrates these two connected milestones.

This full week of seeing, meeting, tasting and experiencing Israel will include:

  • Experiences on the Sheba campus testing the latest in MedTech at the ARC Digital Innovation Center
  • An exclusive reception at the official home of the President of Israel
  • Tantalize your senses during a tasting tour of historic Levinsky Street in Tel Aviv
  • Share a private dinner with Sheba Director-General Yitshak Kreiss
  • Meet the Nexus Program’s doctors during a TED Talks session
  • Experience up close the latest excavations in Jerusalem’s City of David
  • My Bayit is Your House: An evening at home with Sheba’s leading department heads and physicians
  • Meet senior leadership implementing the historic Abraham Accords
  • Q&A sessions with authors, journalists, and influencers
  • Interact with members of the Israeli space program and learn about the medical experiments recently launched into space
  • Celebrate together with thousands of Sheba’s supporters and staff at the International Gala

Accommodations will include five-star hotels and Israel’s best restaurants and chefs.

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Jaffa Hotel

The Jaffa is a 5-star property set within a restored 19th-century complex that once housed Jaffa’s French Hospital. Centrally located near the Mediterranean Sea and the historic port of Jaffa, attractions like Shuk Hapishpeshim flea market, Museum of Antiquities and local boutiques are always a short walk away.

Explore the ancient port city and discover the local culture, enjoy the epicurean delights crafted by our chefs at Golda’s and experience the serenity of L.RAPHAEL Spa and the personalized luxury of the 120 exquisite rooms and suites appointed by designer John Pawson.

Explore Hotel

Tentative Itinerary

Space is limited to ensure an exclusive experience.

The land portion of the mission (including 5-star accommodations, the International Gala, transportation within Israel, and most meals) is at no cost to Sheba donors of $5,000 and above in 2023. Sign-Up to Learn More

Arrival in Israel

A driver will be waiting for you with a name sign in the arrivals terminal at Ben Gurion Airport. Airport-hotel transfer according to your flight schedule. The same procedure will be arranged for your return flight as well.

  • 15:00 | Check-in at the Jaffa Hotel
  • 19:30 | Welcome Cocktail Reception in the beautiful Chapel of The Jaffa Hotel, accompanied by live music.


Visit to Jerusalem

  • 7:00-8:00 | Breakfast at the hotel
  • 8:30 | Departure from the hotel to Jerusalem
  • 11:30 | A special reception at the president’s residence
  • 13:30 | Dividing into small groups and touring the holy city of Jerusalem, including a panoramic view of ancient Jerusalem, passing through the underground tunnels and discovering fascinating mysteries of the past. We will stop at the Kotel (Western Wall), where Jews have prayed since the destruction of the Temple in 70 CE. We will visit the Western Wall Tunnels, walk through ancient and fascinating subterranean spaces with exquisite archeological findings, such as large stone arches, water pits, an ancient water aqueduct that ends at the Strouthion Pool, and more.
  • 18:00 | A taste of Jerusalem—tour the most vibrant and dynamic market, Mahne Yehuda. Discover its exceptional stories and authentic characters—a celebration of Israeli flavors, colors, and tales. We will start with warm, fresh Bourekas, followed by a delicious Jerusalem Halva, Eshtanoor (Lafa with za’atar), sweet Rugelach, tahini, and much more! We will finish our tour by learning how artists transformed the market into a colorful gallery and raising a glass of stellar Israeli beer.
  • 21:00 | Return to Tel Aviv

Discover Sheba Medical Center

  • 7:00-8:00 | Breakfast at the hotel
  • 8:30 | Departure from the hotel to Sheba Medical Center
  • 9:30 | Arrive at Sheba Medical Center for an incredible day of discovery and action. More details are coming.
  • 17:00 | Return to Tel Aviv
  • 19:30 | Special dinner in Jaffa, followed by fascinating lecture by Itai Anghel, winner of the Sokolov Prize for journalism (the highest award in Israel for journalism), who will take us through exclusive documentary footage through Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Russia, to understand the new distribution of power in the Middle East.

Return to Sheba Medical Center

  • 7:00-8:00 | Breakfast at the hotel
  • 8:30 | Departure from the hotel to Sheba Medical Center
  • 9:30 | Arrive at Sheba Medical Center for a half-day experience. More details are coming.
  • 13:00 | Return to Tel Aviv

Cave Tour + Wine and Dine

  • 7:00-8:30 | Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9:00 | Departure from the hotel
  • 10:00 | We will start our tour with a visit to the Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve, a 5,000 m2 cave in the Judean hills. Next, we will go for a walking tour at the “Land of a Thousand Caves” site, an ancient architectural wonder in the form of countless caves. We will discover the story of the Bar Kochba rebellion period and the history and geology of the area. We will drive to the observation over the area from Tel Azka. In front of the spectacular view, we will introduce with the history of the Haelah Valley, including the battle story of David and Goliath.
  • 14:00 | Lunch and wine tasting at one of the wineries of Mateh Yehuda, which are without a doubt the most visited in the country, and not for nothing—the wine industry in the area is one of its pillars, embodying a historic story of thousands of years of wine production.
  • 16:00 | Return to Tel Aviv
  • 18:00 | Special dinner at a Sheba supporter’s home in Savion including a meeting with Yossi Cohen, the former director of Mossad.

Choose Your Own Adventure

  • 7:00-9:00 | Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9:00 | Departure from the hotel
  • 9:30 | An exciting activity of your choice to welcome the weekend:
    • Guided tour of the Nahum Gutman Museum – A tour of the permanent exhibition of the artist Nahum Gutman and the changing exhibitions offered by the museum. The tour is guided by a professional guide and offers a lot of knowledge, fun, and added value. The museum tour is followed by a fascinating tour of Neve Tzedek, the first Hebrew neighborhood outside the walls of Jaffa. You will get a glimpse into the lives of the people in the neighborhood in the past, see the architecture that distinguishes the area, and discuss conservation issues.
    • Graffiti Tour – Florentine neighborhood features masterpieces done by senior street artists that have been preserved for years, alongside new works by young artists who have only recently started painting on the street and works by international artists who came specifically to do their art on the neighborhood streets. During the tour we will talk about the differences between graffiti and other types of street art, We will learn about the leading artists and groups in the field and we will get the tools and basic terms to continue self-discovery in this fascinating artistic genre.
    • Culinary tour at the “Levinski” market – Jumping through time, essence, and cultures. “Levinski” market is currently the most developing and diverse market Tel Aviv has to offer today. Balancing fifty years old culinary establishments, side by side with modern pop-up culinary concepts. Throughout experiencing this culinary mix, red and white wine will be offered open tap, a food tour between different food stalls that will not leave you hungry, and of course- relevant content about the area- culture, history, and interesting stories of the area.
  • 14:00 | Return to Tel Aviv
  • Kabbalat Shabbat and dinner

Free Day to Enjoy Israel

  • 7:00-11:00 | Breakfast at the hotel
  • Free day to enjoy Israel

Master Chef Workshop

  • 7:00-9:00 | Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9:30 | Departure from the hotel to our bonding activity
  • 10:00 | “Master Chef” workshop – we will divide into teams, get our raw materials, and compete in a rich gourmet meal with great chefs.
  • 13:00 | Farewell lunch
  • 19:00 | Gala event at Sheba Medical Center celebrating our 75th anniversary

Travel Home

  • 7:00-11:00 | Breakfast at the hotel
  • 11:00 | Checkout
  • Hotel-Airport transfers according to your flight schedule

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