Israel at War — Help Sheba Respond to Operation Iron Swords

Sheba Medical Center staff are working around the clock treating the wounded and preparing to meet any medical needs that arise.

Sheba’s Response to Operation Iron Swords

Sheba is a cornerstone of the Israeli healthcare system where 100% of injured IDF soldiers go for rehab.

The Medical Center is currently working to double their rehabilitation capacity to 300 beds, and urgently needs more equipment. So far, Sheba has received 500+ patients, including soldiers and civilians who remain hospitalized.

In addition, Sheba staff are ON the border with Gaza in a mobile training center refreshing the training of IDF medical staff.

Sheba will be there to support the State, the IDF, and the physical and mental health of every Israeli who needs assistance, but Sheba needs funding to acquire all the equipment needed.


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Pictured: Sheba set up a pop-up blood bank which immediately had people lined up to donate.

As Israel’s largest hospital, the responsibility Sheba bears is immense.

The IDF and the Ministry of Health look to Sheba for key aid, including:

  • Supporting other hospitals (in particular Barzilai and Soroka)
  • Identifying remains of the fallen
  • Honoring requests from families to preserve sperm of their fallen sons
  • Providing special medical help in communities in the Gaza envelop
  • Supplementing the IDF medical equipment and supply from Sheba’s own stocks
  • Creating a National Center for Mental Health Support.

The trauma counseling is particularly focused on the 2,200 survivors of the music festival but will be available nationally through Sheba Beyond.

As supporters of Sheba, we can take pride in the role of the Medical Center.

It is very difficult to watch from a distance — but we can help Sheba to help Israel.

- Brian Abrahams, CEO of AFSMC

How You Can help:

  1. Donate. We are running an emergency fundraising campaign in support of Sheba. Donate here or by texting HEAL to 24365.
  2. Spread the word. Go to our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages and share our posts. This will help raise the visibility of our fundraising.
  3. Share your own message. Email your friends, post to social media, and raise awareness about the events in Israel and what people can do to help.

Support Sheba’s Lifesaving Efforts in Israel

At this critical juncture, your support enables us to act swiftly in aiding our heroes and terror victims. Every contribution counts.

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