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Latest Research

Advanced virtual reality-based rehabilitation of balance and gait in clinical practice

August 23, 2019

Background Extensive research shows that virtual reality (VR) enhances motor learning and has advantages in balance and gait rehabilitation of neurological patients. There is still uncertainty, however, as for the […]

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Risk of early, intermediate, and late rejection following heart transplantation

July 28, 2017

Risk of early, intermediate, and late rejection following heart transplantation: Trends over the past 25 years and relation to changes in medical management. Tertiary center experience: The Sheba Heart Transplantation […]

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Blood pressure control in type 2 diabetic patients

January 6, 2017

Abstract Diabetes mellitus (DM) and essential hypertension are common conditions that are frequently present together. Both are considered risk factors for cardiovascular disease and microvascular complications and therefore treatment of […]

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