Liberty Science HealthSpace 2030

One of Israel’s largest not-for-profit ventures in the US breaks ground this summer.

Sheba Medical Center is Building an Advanced Simulation Center and Global MedTech Innovation Hub Across the River from Manhattan

What will be one of the largest Israeli non-profit footprints in the US, Sheba’s ARC US seeks to reshape healthcare in the US and internationally.

Sheba is partnering with Liberty Science Center (LSC), the number one cultural attraction in New Jersey, drawing over 750,000 visitors per year. Located in Liberty State Park adjacent to the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan, LSC has been given a key undeveloped plot of adjacent land to develop SciTech Scity, including a STEM high school, research center and advanced technology demonstration and testing site, which is where Liberty Science HealthSpace 2030 will be located.

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Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center and Sheba’s MSR Center for Medical Simulation Join Forces to Tackle Health Equity in America

Sheba’s ARC now encompasses a global ecosystem that aims to develop, pilot, and roll-out game-changing solutions that provide accessible and transformative care. The ARC open innovation model is one of the most successful and prolific and has already been adopted by several world class hospital systems across the world. Learn more about ARC.

Similarly, MSR has exported Sheba’s approach to medical simulation globally, helping countless hospital systems across the globe to create their own medical simulation programs. Learn more about MSR.

Both ARC and MSR launched global revolutions. Now these two remarkable institutions are coming to America together to help improve America’s problem with health inequity. The result is ARC US.



Utilizing Sheba’s simulation-based medical education model combined with Sheba’s approach to developing innovative ecosystems, ARC US is already working to unite leading academic medical centers with innovative startups and strategic industry partners.

Employing advanced simulation-based training modalities including robotics, surgical simulators, and role-playing actors, ARC US brings together all the players in digital medicine – physicians, researchers, startups, industry leaders, academia, and top-tier medical centers with the goal of redesigning healthcare.

The hub will serve as a landing pad for global digital health and medical device startups coming to the US, providing them with a professional network, funding opportunities, introductions to US-based medical centers and the broader US market.

SciTech Scity

SciTech Scity is an exciting collaboration between the City of Jersey City and Liberty Science Center, New Jersey’s most visited cultural institution, to bolster local education and economic growth in key STEM sectors. Scitech Scity will consist of a STEM high school, two technologically advanced residential housing complexes, four acres of public space, and a building called Edge Works.

ARC US will transform the top floor of Edge Works into a simulation and innovation lab. The space will be co-created and co-designed with leading New Jersey healthcare and corporate partners, who will use the space collaboratively to innovate healthcare solutions. While ARC US ultimately aims to have global impact, it will focus locally on healthcare solutions throughout Hudson County and the broader region, positioning ARC US to impact the healthcare inequity plaguing northern New Jersey.

US-Israel Cooperation

As anti-semitism and anti-Israel sentiment spread across the US, Sheba Medical Center’s presence in New Jersey – working toward developing healthcare solutions for underprivileged Americans – will serve as a beacon of hope for Jews and gentiles alike.

The project, which does not exist anywhere else in the world, will position Israel’s finest medical center to take center stage in the United States, joining America’s healthcare giants in leading healthcare into the future.

Construction Begins July 2024, and the Facility is Expected to Open November 2025

Inside the plans to build a health innovation hub in New Jersey’s SciTech City

Podnosis: the pulse of the healthcare industry, a podcast dedicated to some of the industry’s biggest trends, talked to Eyal Zimlichman, M.D., the head of Sheba’s innovation program and founder and director of ARC Innovation, to dive into the details of this unique initiative.

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