Jessica Ben Nun

Jessica Ben Nun

Southern Region Development Director

Jessica Ben Nun is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and daughter of immigrants from Argentina who blends her Jewish and Latin identities as a pro-Israel activist and professional. After record-breaking annual fundraising at AIPAC as Florida Region’s Deputy Director, Jessica made Aliyah and earned Master’s in Government with a specialization in counterterrorism and Homeland Security.

Together with a world-renowned international legal expert, she created the International LL.M. degree at Israel’s top law school with professors and diverse students from around the world. After moving back to the United States, she was recruited to become the first woman to lead her progressive synagogue, creating opportunities for Latin American Jews to find space and community through outreach and the establishment of High Holiday services in Spanish.

Most recently, Jessica worked with Hillel International, growing their presence and fundraising efforts throughout the southern United States. She lives in south Florida with her husband Shay and children.

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