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Sheba Medical Center staff are working around the clock treating the wounded and preparing to meet any medical needs that arise.

War in Gaza Leaves Thousands of Israelis Disabled

More than 2,000 IDF soldiers have become disabled since the beginning of the war.

Every day the rehabilitation wing takes in about 60 new wounded, and the tsunami of trauma is still to come. The head of the Rehabilitation Department at the Ministry of Defense, Limor Luria, says there is an arena in Israel that requires a new distribution of resources.

Israel has not been through anything like this before.

By the time wounded civilians and soldiers arrive at the rehab unit, they have already endured unimaginable physical and emotional trauma and major life-saving medical procedures.

They are alive, but the hard work leading to living a full life is just beginning.

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Stories from Israel’s Recovering Soldiers and Civilians

Noam and Shalom’s Resilient Spirit

Regarding their injuries and the road to recovery through rehabilitation at Sheba, Golani fighters Noam and Shalom have this to say:

“It has a lot more weight than the loss of the leg. If you are strong enough, you can do a lot of things even with this injury; things are more challenging than before. It’s true that there are ups and downs – this is life – but we are really happy, thank God. We are young, beautiful, smart, 20-years-olds. Our lives haven’t stopped, only changed. Oh, and write that we are also desirable singles.”

Ben and Gali’s Undying Love

Ben Binyamin and Gali Segal, a beautiful couple, are also being treated at Sheba. They both lost their right legs after terrorists threw grenades into a shelter in which they were hiding. They were newly engaged on October 7th. They are still determined to walk down the aisle for their wedding, which is set for June, and with the help of the rehab team at Sheba, they are still finding ways to smile.

“I volunteered in the Rehab-Exercise & Hydrotherapy Center for seven weeks after the October 7th massacre. I worked with numerous patients, including Ben and Gali, recovering from the loss of limbs, severe burns, head injuries, and many other serious and challenging conditions. I have returned home, but the work continues.”
– Dany Saar, Israeli-born Physical Therapist living in Michigan

The need for updated and cutting-edge therapy equipment at Sheba is urgent.

This work is being done with expertise and love.

Unfortunately, the hospital is lacking the proper rehab equipment required to help the patients reach their fullest potential as they engage in recovery and try to resume their “normal” lives.

The acquisition of much needed wheelchair-accessible rehabilitation equipment and machinery will help Ben, Gali, Noam, Shalom, and too many other civilians and IDF soldiers regain their strength, health, and independence.

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