The story of Sheba’s groundbreaking field hospital in Ukraine

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Israel Responds to Ukraine’s Emergency Need for Aid

As we watched the terrible events in Ukraine unfold, Israel was one of the first countries in the world to offer humanitarian aid.

And when Israel offers medical aid in any humanitarian disaster, that almost always means Sheba Medical Center.

After six weeks and 6,100+ patient treated, Phase 1 of Sheba’s mission came to an end. In Phase 2, Sheba continues to offer hope without boundaries through a Mobile Women’s Clinic.

Shining Star: Sheba’s Humanitarian Field Hospital — Report

Learn about the impact of Operation Shining Star: Sheba Medical Center’s humanitarian mission to Ukraine. Over the course of six weeks, the operation established a fully functional field hospital on the ground where they treated thousands of patients.

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On the Ground in Ukraine

Tune into our webinar from Ukraine’s Field Hospital, led by Sheba Medical Center.

Yoel Har-Even spoke with us from the first civilian Field Hospital ever sent officially by the State of Israel to a war zone.

Yoel is the Director of the International Division and Resource Development at Sheba Medical Center, Israel and runs the field hospital in Ukraine.


Sending Aid

Sheba Medical Center successfully sent equipment and supplies to establish a field hospital near Lviv, Ukraine. Using the 100-tons of humanitarian aid sent from Israel, Sheba established a fully-functional field hospital in Ukraine and treated over 6,000 patients and counting.

Sheba also implemented the resources of Sheba Beyond, the virtual treatment program that allowed Sheba physicians to consult and solve medical problems from a distance.

Supporting Ukrainian Refugees Through Sheba Beyond

Sheba Beyond is Sheba Medical Center’s virtual tele-health program. Sheba Beyond showcases innovative technologies to treat patients both in person and virtually, where Sheba doctors will be able to treat patients from a distance.

Meet Sarit of Sheba Beyond

Sarit Lerner is the Chief Technology Officer of Sheba Beyond. Sarit traveled from Israel to Kishinev, Moldova, where she treated refugees from Ukraine in need of medical assistance.

This was a first of its kind humanitarian tele-health mission for Sheba Beyond and they will were able to successfully treat and provide comfort to expected medical casualties during this tragic event.

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Remote Ultrasounds on Ukraine’s Border

An Israeli medical team on Ukraine’s border with Moldova said tens of thousands of refugees crossed over in need of medical and psychological support after harrowing journeys to safety.

Members of Sheba Beyond conducted multiple ultrasounds for pregnant women through a “virtual hospital” system that connects them with Sheba Hospital in Ramat Gan.

“We had this pregnant woman, we actually had an ultrasound to see if her baby was okay because she didn’t feel his heartbeat, she didn’t feel movement,” a medic said. “He was perfect. They saw movement, saw his heartbeat, everything was okay. She was just so tired she didn’t feel anything.”

Watch the moment the expectant mother finds out that her baby is okay.

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i24NEWS Interview with Sheba Beyond

Professor Gadi Segal, Head of Internal Telemedicine at Sheba Medical Center, and Galia Barkai, Head of Sheba Beyond discuss the groundbreaking innovations that provided relief to Ukrainian refugees in their time of need.

Thanks to Sheba Beyond, all medical qualities of a tertiary medical center are available to the refugees through the technology, including 13 vital sounds such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and more.

Sending a Field Hospital to Western Ukraine — Operation Shining Star

For the first time in its 74-year history, Israel’s #1 medical center, Sheba Medical Center, sent a field hospital to a war zone, in western Ukraine. The Operation was named Kochav Meir (Shining Star), after former Israeli prime minister and Ukrainian native Golda Meir.

Establishing a Hospital on the Ground

Sheba operated its first field hospital near the city of Lviv, Ukraine. The mission left on Thursday, March 11th and remained on Ukrainian soil for six weeks.

Various medical teams from Sheba operated the field hospital on 12-hour shifts, 24/7. The ER had the capacity to treat 150 patients. Field hospital operations included: Triage, ER, Outpatient Clinic, Pediatrics, Labor and Delivery, Isolation, Mental Health, Imaging, Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Logistics.

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Meaningful Stories from Operation Shining Star

While the media has been dominated by heartbreaking stories coming out of Ukraine, there have been moments of light coming from Sheba’s field hospital in an otherwise dark time.

Here are some uplifting stories that have started to flow from Israel’s first ever civilian-run field hospital:

Hospital Staff Celebrate Ukrainian Child’s Birthday

Even in the midst of a war, Sheba Medical Center staff bring a moment of joy and comfort to a sick child.

At Israel’s field hospital in Ukraine, the birthday of a 12 year is celebrated in the pediatric tent.

These children’s lives will forever be marked and changed by the horrific trauma they are enduring now. But the loving hands and giving hearts of the Sheba Medical Center staff will do whatever they can to heal and comfort.

Co-Existence in Sheba’s Field Hospital

Arab-Israeli Pharmacist, Ameer Zoabi, shares his thoughts and feelings about working in Sheba Medical Center’s field hospital in Ukraine.

Sheba is a model for coexistence. This one-minute video from the field hospital is powerful testament to that fact.

We live in a time of terrible events as well as moments that remind us of how beautiful the world can be.

Operation Shining Star’s 1,000th Patient

This is Nina. 75-years-old, she was volunteering to transfer refugees from the shelled city of Kharkov to the Polish border and safety. While doing this heroic work, Nina felt chest pains and lost consciousness.

She was treated at a hospital just inside Poland but immediately upon release she returned to Ukraine to continue her work. When she got back inside Ukraine still symptomatic, she came to the Israeli field hospital nearby. Nina became the 1,000th patient to be treated at Sheba’s field hospital, in just under a week. In a war zone.

Israeli Field Hospital Performs First C-Section

The C-section was carried out by the Sheba Medical Center Maternity Hospital Team, in cooperation with local hospital staff in the Ukrainian city of Mostyska.

“Our mission is to make sure that Ukrainian people know that they are not alone,” says Yoel Har-Even, Director of Sheba Global who leads the Sheba mission. “We have a clear moral obligation not to look away. As human beings, as medical professionals, and as Jews.”

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