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Each and every patient receives unparalleled, compassionate medical attention that takes their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs into account.

Meet Riram

Riram was born with a genetic condition that caused her to suffer from acute pneumonia from a young age. Over time, this weakened her heart, and a year and half ago, her health took a significant turn for the worse. She transferred between different hospitals until she was finally admitted to Sheba Medical Center. She was connected to an artificial heart engineered from two electrical devices that replace the heart’s ventricles. From that point on, Sheba became Riram’s new home.

Despite being tethered to a machine, Riram remained positive and determined to keep living her life. And thanks to the remarkable medical technology available at Sheba, she was able to do just that. But the best was yet to come. Thanks to the Sheba network, Riram received word that a healthy heart had been donated and was waiting for her at the hospital. After a successful surgery, she had finally had a chance at a healthy, normal life.

Riram’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the skill of Sheb’a practitioners, and the power of medical innovation to transform lives.


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  • 20,000 soldiers treated
  • 3,300 clinical trials
  • 200,000 emergency room visits
  • 11,000 babies delivered

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