A Jewish-funded mobile clinic in Ukraine will focus on women’s health.

Among the many horrors of the war in Ukraine has been an epidemic of sexual assault of women, as well as young girls and boys.

Sheba Medical Center Behind the Wheel

Sheba Medical Center has partnered with two other organizations to provide a mobile women’s health clinic. Offering two treatment rooms, an intake room and equipment like an ultrasound, the clinic is currently traveling around Ukraine.

No appointment is needed and there is no cost to patients. They simply show up and are given needed treatment as well as follow-up instructions for local caregivers. Sheba also makes use if its remote treatment capabilities to engage healthcare providers at the main campus in Ramat Gan.

The clinic partners with local officials as it travels, spreading the word via social media, SMS, radio and local officials.

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The Jewish-funded mobile clinic in Ukraine will focus on women’s health

In the middle of the summer, Brian Abrahams, CEO of American Friends of Sheba Medical Center, received a call from the large Tel Aviv-area hospital with an unexpected request: Could he wire $60,000 to a company in Ohio to buy a trailer?

“Sheba Medical Center is an Israeli government-affiliated hospital, they can’t simply be wiring money out of the country, especially for something that’s not budgeted,” Abrahams told eJewishPhilanthropy. “So, [we] bought this trailer.”

Over the next several months, the trailer was shipped to Hamburg, Germany, where it was outfitted with ultrasound machines and stocked with medical supplies as part of the hospital’s latest venture in Ukraine: A mobile clinic to treat STDs and provide reproductive health services for women and children across the country.

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“[Jews] didn’t close their eyes at such a tragedy. Israelis and Americans are showing an example to everyone else, you can’t stay silent.”

- Uriel Shtern, Founder of Kvitna

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Your gift will go directly toward funding the mobile clinic and victims of sexual assault in Ukraine.

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