Florida Rehab Doctor Volunteered to Assist Soldiers & Civilians “Return to Life”

February 8, 2024

Meet Dr. Joslyn Gober, a Florida native and a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor, who came to volunteer at Sheba Medical Center.

Raised in a Jewish and Zionist home, Israel was an important focus throughout her life. Following the October 7th Hamas attack, Dr. Gober felt a strong motivation to come to Israel and help in any way she could. When the call for rehabilitation doctors came, she thought “what better way could I help than use the medicine I’m passionate about?”

Placed at Sheba, she worked with Prof. Israel Dudkiewicz, Chairman of the Rehabilitation Division, and in the head trauma unit alongside Dr. Aleksandra Plavsic, Director of the Head Trauma Rehabilitation Department.

“It was an absolutely incredible experience, very impactful,” she proclaimed. Dr. Gober worked with patients in their teens, all the way up to those in their 50’s and 60’s, treating both routine brain injuries like stroke, to injuries directly sustained from the war. “I have a lot of experience with brain injuries, but not ones associated with wars, and it hits very differently when you’re no longer seeing things from afar. Being involved and being a part of the community is very meaningful,” Dr. Glober added.

“What’s incredible,” she noted, “are the outcomes despite the severe and significant trauma. When you’re seeing a lot of young soldiers with pretty significant brain injuries, you see rather incredible outcomes.”

Beyond medical expertise, Dr. Gober is bringing back a deeper understanding of herself as an individual, a Jew, a Zionist, and a doctor. Her visit to the south, including the site of the Nova Festival and a kibbutz, was part of the profound experience.

She emphasized the warmth and welcome she received at Sheba, from volunteers to department heads. While the Hebrew language posed a challenge, everyone was open to communication, making her feel part of the community.

We applaud Dr. Gober, for her dedication and the meaningful work performed.

Published January 29, 2024, Sheba Global

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