Sheba Medical Center is Coming to New Jersey to Build the Liberty Science Center

March 14, 2023

Sheba Medical Center’s ARC program is looking to create a better future for healthcare by 2030. With that goal in mind, Sheba is coming to New Jersey to build the […]

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How a Hospital is Born

February 28, 2023

Want to know how a hospital is born? In the 75th year of the State of Israel, Sheba Medical Center renewed in a new children’s hospital! Sheba Medical Center Proudly […]

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Sheba & U.S. Navy Conduct Medical Training & Mass Casualty Drills with Kenyan Navy

February 2, 2023

For the first-time ever, Israel’s Sheba Medical Center conducted a training program with the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet (NAVCENT), with the goal of enhancing the preparedness of the Kenyan Navy […]

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Prof. Abdulla Watad , Sheba Medical Center: Youngest person to receive a Professorship from TAU

January 24, 2023

Introducing our #shebaInfluencer: Prof. Abdulla Watad, from the Internal Medicine B and Rheumatology Unit at Sheba Medical Center! Watad is the youngest person to receive professorship from Tel Aviv Medical […]

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Sheba Medical Center Lands in Nigeria

January 11, 2023

Sheba Medical Center’s Medical Humanitarian team has landed in Nigeria and began treating sick infants together with the local medical staff. On their first day, they saved the lives of […]

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Sheba Medical Center Launches Mission to Nigeria

January 10, 2023

This week, The Sheba Medical Center launched a five-day humanitarian mission to Ilorin, Nigeria. 🌍 “Sheba’s commitment and dedication to extending a hand to those in need across the globe […]

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Video Thumbnail: Life-Saving Lung Transplant

Life-Saving Lung Transplant

August 30, 2022

At the end of July, Sheba Medical Center had a life-saving marathon — six organ transplants in four days. Watch to learn more about the incredible achievement!

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Video Thumbnail: "Lungs in a Box" at Sheba Medical Center

“Lungs in a Box” at Sheba Medical Center

August 22, 2022

Sheba Medical Center is the first hospital in Israel to have the groundbreaking “Lungs in a Box” device that will drastically improve the rate at which donor lungs can be […]

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Video Thumbnail: Inside Sheba Medical Center's life saving burn unit

Inside Sheba Medical Center’s life saving burn unit

August 8, 2022

At Sheba Medical Center in Israel, researchers at the National Skin Bank use groundbreaking technology to save the lives of patients hospitalized in the burn unit. Watch Prof. Josef Haik, […]

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Video Thumbnail: Sheba Saves Linoy Davidov

Sheba Saves Linoy Davidov

August 8, 2022

In an act of cross-cultural hope Linoy Davidov, a 9-year-old Israeli girl, received a new lease on life thanks to a heart transplant from Bissan Altalaka, a young Arab woman […]

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