Think of any hospital and images of medical emergencies will come to mind. However, Israel’s ‘City of Health,’ Sheba Medical Center is aiming to change this perception of hospitals being a place for the sick.

Sheba Cooks Up a Healthy Storm with New ‘Eating Healthy’ Cookbook

Comprising over 70 healthy recipes from Sheba’s very own hospital staff of all different backgrounds, ‘Eating Healthy’ is not only a guide on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, but is also a true microcosm of co-existence.

The cookbook was the brainchild of Prof. Arnon Afek, Deputy Director-General of Sheba Medical Center, who came up with the idea at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

“Health is defined as physical, mental and social well-being, and nothing brings people together and inspires social cohesion, peace of mind and a healthy body in quite the same way as food does,” said Prof. Afek in his introductory article in ‘Eating Healthy.’

“We thought creating this cookbook would be an expression of Sheba’s uniqueness, the personal contribution of our staff and especially the collaborative spirit that forms the basis of Israel’s City of Health.”

"The multicultural nature evident in the range of dishes you will find in this cookbook reflects the abundance and possibilities inherent in us as human beings."

- Prof. Arnon Afek, Deputy Director-General of Sheba Medical Center


Healthy Staff Recipes

Prof. Afek posted an open call to the hospital staff asking for their recipes and to his pleasant surprise, he received over 250 recipes from the staff in all professions and sectors!

An expert committee then examined each recipe in order to make sure that it met the criteria for a “healthy” recipe.

While the dishes were photographed by expert food photographer Hagit Goren, the staff members selected to take part in the book, were asked for a quote to accompany their recipe about their love of cooking, culinary preferences, past experiences from their home kitchen.

The cookbook also includes brief articles on the topics of health, quality of life and a healthy lifestyle. World-renowned Israeli chef Shaul Ben-Aderet, owner of the famous Blue Rooster and Kimmel BaGilboa restaurants contributed his professional advice and even shared three of his own recipes and an article.

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