The Romanian people thank the State of Israel and the Sheba Medical Center

November 10, 2015

Ambassador of Romania in Israel, Ms. Andrea Pastrnak:
“The Romanian people thank the State of Israel and the Sheba Medical Center”

“Israel was the first country to turn to Romania and offer its help in treating the victims of the disaster. Sheba Medical Center was the first on the ground and was two days ahead of all the other European hospitals that came to our aid. The Romanian people know this and greatly appreciate the quick response of the Israeli government and the excellent professional skills of the center’s doctors The Sheba Medical Center” – this is what the Romanian Ambassador to Israel, Ms. Andrea Pasternak, said yesterday, who came to the hospital for a special visit to thank the Sheba management for their quick commitment to help Romania following the major fire disaster in a Bucharest night club that caused the death of dozens of people and the injury of over 150.

In a meeting with senior officials of the Sheba administration – Prof. Shlomo Noy, Prof. Yitzhak Kreis, Prof. Yehuda Adler, Mr. Bruno Lavi and Mr. Harvey Deknit – the ambassador said that at an official press conference held by the Romanian Minister of Health, he described the speed of Israel’s and Sheba’s response as a miracle and warmly thanked for the excellent professional help. According to the ambassador, the Romanian media also dealt quite a bit with the Israeli involvement in providing help to the many wounded, especially burn victims.

Prof. Kreis, former chief medical officer in the IDF, who organized and headed many IDF aid missions to areas of distress in the world, told Ambassador Pasternak: “We in Israel understand what it means to work together and extend help when a disaster occurs with many casualties. We have proven this in the past in many places around the world and we felt an obligation to do so even when we learned of the disaster in Romania. With one advice with the director of the hospital, Prof. Zeev Rothstein, we acted quickly, in coordination with all the parties, and arrived on the ground in a short time. Our doctors – Dr. Nimrod Farber , a specialist doctor from the Department of Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Monica Andrea Sandu, a specialist doctor from Romania who did her internship at Sheba – did an excellent professional job and received praise from all sides. We are at your disposal and will continue to assist the Romanian people in any professional way possible, both in medical advice and in treating the injured who arrive From Romania to the department for the treatment of burn victims in Sheba.”

Published November 10, 2015, Sheba Medical Center

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