Over $6.5 million Raised for Sheba Medical Center

December 27, 2019

The Nov. 3 Friends of Sheba Medical Center (FSMC) gala at the Beverly Wilshire hotel drew more than 650 people and raised over $6.5 million for Israel’s Sheba Medical Center.

The “Humanity Heals Humanity” event honored U.S. Ambassador to the French Republic Jamie McCourt for her humanitarian efforts and continued support for Israel and the Jewish community; Beverly Hills art collectors Ruthand Michel Steinberger for their 30-plus years of service to FSMC and Sheba Medical Center; and Mimi Paley and Evan Paley for their commitment to FSMC’s young leadership group, Sheba 2.0.

“We chose the theme ‘Humanity Heals Humanity’ because Sheba Medical Center in Israel will do everything in its power, at all times, to provide healing and peace for anyone in the world, no matter their color or creed,” FSMC Executive Director Molly Soboroff said in a statement. “It is a call to action to continue to build bridges to peace through medicine and to provide humanitarian aid to those in need worldwide.”

Chaired by Patti and Steve Soboroff and Shoshana and Parham Zar, the event celebrated Sheba Medical Center’s high standard of medicine, technology and research, FSMC said in a statement.

Dr. Talia Golan, medical director of Sheba’s pancreatic cancer program, delivered the keynote lecture and spoke about her new pancreatic cancer treatment breakthrough. Yoav Hadas, a patient in Golan’s clinical trial whose cancer is now in remission, was in attendance.


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