Sheba Medical Center launches innovation center in Kafr Kassem

August 27, 2021

The dedication ceremony was held under the banner “Together we will change the Future of Healthcare.”

The Sheba Medical Center launched a new branch of its ARC Innovation Center at a ceremony in the Arab city of Kfar Qasem last Tuesday.

As the largest medical center in Israel, Sheba plans to accelerate developments in modern medicine at its new branch and present new opportunities to entrepreneurs, by working with medical staff to detect clinical needs and introduce new medical technologies to address those problems.

The ARC center (accelerate, redesign, collaborate) has already worked with 20 leading medical centers around the world and has partnered with dozens of start-ups — raising over $1 billion.

Newsweek recently ranked Sheba Medical Center as one of the best hospitals in the world, placing it at No. 13 for its ability to leverage smart technologies to manage and improve care.

“Sheba is proud to serve as a model of coexistence and hope by making the best medicine accessible and available to anyone,” said Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, founder and director of ARC and Sheba’s chief medical and innovation officer.

The entire ceremony was held under the banner “Together we will change the Future of Healthcare.” With the opening of the center in Kfar Qasem, it is hoped by the implementors that it will present more opportunities to Israel’s Arab population to help shape the research and development of modern medicine.

This news originally appeared in The Jerusalem Post.

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