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October 9, 2021

NY Program at Sackler School of Medicine and the Arrow Research Project at Sheba Medical Center.

The Arrow Research Project is a unique research program for young medical students, initiated in 2006, at Sheba Medical Center, Israel – one of the 10 leading hospitals in the world.

The target of the Arrow Research Project is to create young and multidisciplinary research teams; a combination of motivated and exceptional students in their early years of education in medicine.

The designed concept of the Arrow Research Project is to incorporate students from the second year and forward into clinical and basic research.

Accordingly, students are offered to participate in varying research studies, from the very beginning with formation of an idea or a query, to the presentation of the results in medical conference and publication a scientific manuscript.

Each year approximately 30 medical students from various universities in Israel and abroad are accepted for the Arrow Research Project. 5 of them are from the NY program of Sackler School of Medicine at Tel-Aviv University.

The students who are accepted into the Arrow Research Project work throughout the university year for the research.

This year – for the first time, students from the NY program will receive a grant of $4,000 for their participation in the Arrow Research Project.

The grant will be funded by the NY program of Sackler School of Medicine.

Below are the 5 students which accepted this year to the Arrow Research Project:

  • Olivia Keller-Baruch
  • Ellen Pikus
  • Spencer Satz
  • Adam Kurnick
  • Nicole Nabatkhorian

Learn more about the Arrow Research Project at

This news originally appeared in Sackler School.

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