New development in virtual hospital will make being healthy easier

May 10, 2023

Sheba Virtual Hospital “Beyond” is making it possible for people to perform periodic medical examinations at work or at home.

An innovative development from Mpcheck enables medical exams to be conducted at a convenient place, especially for employees who find it difficult to take off work.

This tech has integrated into the Sheba virtual hospital “Beyond” so tests will only take 30 minutes. “Beyond” stated that “Preventive medicine is the most important way to save lives.”

As part of an agreement recently signed with Teva Pharmaceuticals, company employees will be able to do medical exams at work. Mpcheck, a pioneer in the field of preventive medicine, allows patients to perform blood tests, urine tests, tests for the early detection of cervical cancer, hearing tests and more at their convenience, all within a half hour.

Results reach a dedicated system of screening tests located at Sheba, which is interfaced with the patient’s medical file. Integrating the tests into the daily work routine will help prevent diseases and save lives, and the screening tests have a decisive weight in this.

Hadar Amir, co-founder of “Beyond” and VP of Business Development and Innovation, stated that the program will enable Teva employees to perform periodic tests where it’s convenient. Since a low percentage of Israeli citizens are tested in these various manners, the situation needs improvement.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at Sheba Medical Center on February 6, 2023. (credit: AMOS BEN-GERSHOM/GPO)

‘Beyond’ believes its test will help with preventive medicine
Preventive medicine is the key to preventing diseases and saving lives, and “Beyond” believes that this tech will help more people get tested earlier, so treatment can start earlier and be more effective.

Nitzan Lahat, CEO of Mpcheck, said that in the past workers needed to go to various labs for half a day to conduct these tests. This tech allows a much more convenient and customer-friendly process.

This service allows employees to maintain their health without interfering with their daily routine, and to receive an innovative and advanced service at their workplace.

Published May 2 2023, The Jerusalem Post

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